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India Backpacking Tour | Nepal backpacking tour

The low cost Backpacking, independent form of travel using inexpensive lodging dedicated to youth travelers. India's first backpacking tour company run by nomads for nomads.

Backpacking tours of india and Nepal - Why us?

The backpacker tourist - Unit of Ulltimate Travels has been serving hospitality Industry in India and Nepal for more than 12 years. With experience of 12 years in tourism industry; The backpacker tourist is backed by our nomads who find their home in journey. is platform for the like - minded travelers, photographers, tour leaders who find their home away from home. We understand that travel is an expression of individuality, which is why we craft a travel plan based upon your taste and idea. If you are planning your low budget backpacking tours in India and Nepal, please feel free to send us an email for further advise / suggestion.

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