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Nepal is a land blessed by Mother Nature’s as no other a land of rich and diverse ethnicities and natural resources, and a land harked and proclaimed upon as heaven on earth. But it is also true that Nepal's factual identity goes beyond the veil of postcard images featuring natural beauty and picturesque extravaganza. Dotted with 3,915 odd villages and just 58 cities within an area of 1, 47,181 One can safely conclude that Nepal lives in its villages. Although the country has made significant efforts in education, health and other social services, the level of human development in Nepal still is amongst the lowest in the world. This stems basically from inequity in the availability and distribution of resources and opportunities. With 87% of the population still living in the villages and more than 40% still under the poverty line, it can be assumed that poverty alleviation efforts have failed to reach these hinterlands.

Anybody wishing to truly experience Nepal ought to go for Nepal Village Backpacking Tours. There is no better way to understand the Nepali way of life and to enjoy Nepali hospitality.nepal village tour, nepal village backpacking tour, nepal tour It is a simple concept of putting you up with a host family who have been trained on hygiene and giving the best service to tourists. All requisite amenities are there for you in the simplest form. Enjoy the tranquility and simplicity of a village life and savour the fresh air and the beauty of the Nepali countryside. Visitors are provided the simplest of accommodations right there in the middle of the village. But comfort and clean surroundings are guaranteed. Clean toilets, running water and typical Nepali food help to make your stay enjoyable. Vegetables come straight from their private garden, which naturally guarantees their freshness.

Tourist participation never fails to delight the local Nepalese. Walking about the village and observing the daily happenings provide and insight into the lifestyle of Nepali villagers. There is much to see besides the mountains, valleys and rivers. Watch the kids herding cattle or the women tilling fields, milking cows, fetching water or cooking their simple meals.

For a unique experience in life, there is nothing like Nepal village backpacking tours. To know more about Nepal village tour and volunteering in Nepal, please feel free to contact nomads at backpacker tourist.