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People have been tired searching a place where they can relax, spend some important part of their life, where they can take pleasure, feel the nature, rejuvenate their soul, feel healthy and energetic, where they can spend some time with their loved ones. The place speak itself, the nature make you feel loosen up, the water give a spongy hug, the trees guard you, birds entertain you, where the sky make you feel of its present with blue colour and the cozy environment create an atmosphere around you to realize that the place you are dreaming about is Goa.

Goa is more than drinking, binging, night clubbing. It’s about a peaceful co-existence, where you can sit under a thousand stars on a moonlight night and protect the famed Ridley Turtles as they hatch and make their presence felt. There is a friendly trust and camaraderie among Goans and you will feel part of the family. Take care to reciprocate the trust and take care to watch out for the bad fish and avoid late nights with strangers.

Surf. Sand. Sun - These are the three words that come to your mind when you say Goa. Goa is a fun place, ideal for beach bums, romantic couples and families with kids who love the outdoors. Some people come just to soak up the sun. Some, just to break away from their busy ‘all work & no play’ lives and recharge themselves at a beautiful resort. Come join us for Goa backpacking tour

Hazards, warnings, danger : As in the rest of India the greatest danger one might face in Goa is getting run over by a car.  The rules of the road are seldom followed (if they are even known) in India, with traffic coming from any and all directions.  Many Westerners rent motor scooters for their staygoa backpacking, goa budget tour, goa tour in Goa and flit amid the traffic on the state's narrow roads without much of a care. Consider getting a helmet if you go this route.

Otherwise, you will surely be offered drugs at some point in Goa, especially if you are a young backpacker.  Caution is advised, especially if you intend to buy anything in the way of a quantity:  be sure to read the chapter about life in a Mumbai jail in the novel "Shantaram" before you pull that trigger.

If you are looking for easy style solo or group backpacking tour in India, then you can’t miss the grandeur of Delhi, love at Taj Mahal, pink city Jaipur, Heritage of Udaipur, Partying at Mumbai and beaches and churches of Goa. Below mentioned is the best suggestive backpacking tour starting from Delhi and leading till Goa.   

Day 1 : Delhi backpacking tour
Day 2 : Agra backpacking tour
Days 3-4 : Jaipur backpacking tour
Day 5 : Tordi Sagar backpacking tour
Day 6-7 : Pushkar backpacking tour
Day 8-10 : Udaipur backpacking tour
Day 11-12 : Mumbai (Bombay) backpacking tour
Days 13-14 : Goa backpacking tour
Day 15 : Goa backpacking tour

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