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India is much diversified country with different cultures, language, dressing sense. Every state and almost every city in India is completely different than the last one. Writing a backpacking travel advice for India is very difficult task. There is so much to be said about backpacking in India. And the sort of stuff you might want to know will vary according to if you’re going for a two-week package holiday knees-up in Goa or a four-month ‘find yourself’ India backing tour.

If you’ve never gone backpacking in India before than its going to shocking but awakening trip of your life. From culture to traffic, from high decibel of noise to always smiling local people, it’s going to be a shocking but awakening experience.

Few months back our explorer and Photographer Roshan Raj was on his “find yourself” backpacking trips. He was tired of working and wanted some me time and wanted to spend his days traveling and learning about life. When he returned back after 9 weeks of travel, he had tons of stories to share. We are jotting a small tale which he shared made us sit back and think.

He was in Jaipur. Jaipur is a pink city of Rajasthan and is always wonderful. It was maddening summer which would even melt iron easily. He was enjoying his time taking few laps in swimming pool at hotel in Jaipur. And he met an American tourist. Roshan with his wonderful English backpacking travel, india backpacking tour, backpacking travel advise, backpacking travel adviceis very easy to speak. This American tourist who was backpacking in India. He told his wife and daughter were in California but after this trip, this tourist learned how little people need to remain happy. There are tons of stories that our nomads have which gives us insight of life. Indeed traveling is the biggest book which will teach you about life, happiness, people, world and many more. Join our backpacking tours to explore India and Nepal.

Water : Don’t dehydrate. You won’t need us to tell you – you’ll be drinking what initially seems like a crazy amount of water, just to acclimatize. Don’t take a chance on drinking any water unless it’s in a sealed bottle (there have been tales of old water bottles being filled with local water then resold). Don’t have ice lollies, or even water on the plane – you don’t know the purity of the water. You can take iodine tablets to purify local water, which works out cheaper but tastes nasty, or you can just bite the bullet and buy bottled water all the time. It’s not that expensive, so just do it!

Rucksack. Don’t mess about with style. You’ll be lugging your house on your back, so make sure it’s lightweight and comfortable.

Knickers : Doesn’t matter if it’s three days or three months – take three pairs of knickers and socks. One to wear, one to dry, one as a comfort blanket. It’s not being dirty – any more is just silly.

Clothes : Take a fleece and hiking boots (you’re bound to head off into the mountains, even if you’re not orinally planning to. The plans of mice and mooks are bound to change, especially after you’ve started chatting to fellow travellers about cool things to do). Also take a pair of sandals. Take as little as you can – you’re only going to change your mind about what looks good once you hit India and buy all your clothes there anyway.

Metre-length of chain and padlock : If you’re on long train journeys you can gently padlock your rucksack to yourself and use it as a pillow – no naught thief can get at your goodies india backpacking tour, ladies traveler, female backpacking indiathen! Also, some hostel rooms don’t have locks. It’s rarely a problem, but it’s nice to know you’ll never be caught out.

Dental floss. Not just for clean teeth – this is amazingly long, unbreakable string. If you’re dangling water/beer into a river to cool it, hanging up wet knickers and socks, or, er, flossing, this is an easy-to-pack and must-have item.

Half a towel : India’s a hot place all year round, and from may onwards you’ll be too humid to ever really be dry, anyway. Cut your towel in half and save space in your rucksack!

Women travelling alone - India backpacking travel advise for women :
You will meet so many travelling companions you’ll hardly believe it. You will actually have days when you want to beat them off with a shitty stick. So many people travel in India alone (they’re brave, they split up with their boyfriend /girlfriend a week ago, they couldn’t get anyone else to go… the reasons are endless). Everyone gets lonely and wants to share their experiences. Travelers will come up to you if you’re alone in a restaurant, and pretty soon you’ll start going over to strangers yourself, just for a chat. It’s the done thing.

Some people will suggest you wear a wedding ring and pretend you have a husband back at home. Don’t bother. No-one will believe you. They will never believe that a man would let his wife go to another country on her tod like that. Tell the truth, if asked, that you’re single – no one will mind. Then again, if some gentle saddo is asking you if you’re married because his mum wants him to get a wife, just tell him you are. There’s no point wasting your time and his.

Grace under pressure :
India really is a different culture. You’ll start off a shy and retiring type (maybe) but after a few weeks you’ll be telling people off if they’re winding you up like nobody’s business. You’ll enjoy it, too. Remember: India’s full of novelty, and most locals are up for a laugh as well as your money. They’re fun, lovely people. But if you feel like anyone is trying to take the piss – ripping you off or being pushy – you’ll naturally learn how to push back, and no-one’s really offended!

Homesickness, travelling and depression :
Let’s say you get to a point where you’re homesick, you have no idea what you’re doing, all your mates are 6,000 miles away and you feel like you’re about to crack. Don’t panic. You can always come home.

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